What do our Partners think?

Dentists, orthodontists, and pediatricians have the skills and expertise to recognize the symptoms that result from a deviated swallow. The Institute of Myofunctional Studies has a relationship with several area professionals that regularly refer patients.

Find out why our partners believe in what we do.

James J. Awbrey IV, DMD, PC
Specialists in Orthodontics for Children and Adults

Dr. James Awbrey has referred literally 100s of patients to the Institute of Myofunctional Studies over the past 16 years. Dr. Awbrey has seen amazing results in his patients from their myofunctional therapy treatment. These patients consistently display a very high maintenance success rate.

“We have been very pleased with results that we have seen in our patients who have undergone this therapy. The Institute is very helpful and knowledgable. We could not be happier with the results we see on a daily basis.”

Please visit Dr. Awbrey’s website for more information about his practice.

Sonia George Bussey, MD
Woodlawn Developmental Pediatrics

Dr. Bussey refers many patients to The Institute of Myofunctional Studies because of their effective approach to treating apraxia, oral-motor dysfunction, drooling and dysarthria. She believes this treatment approach compliments traditional speech therapy and allows a quicker response to the treatment for the patient.

“I am so pleased that Ms. Wexler established the Institute to meet the needs of patients who are experiencing significant impairments in functions related to oral/facial muscle imbalances and/or a deviate swallow. The services provided at the Institute are truly outstanding!”

For more information about Woodlawn Developmental Pediatrics, please contact them:
Email: Dr. Bussey at WDPEDCTR@Bellsouth.net
Phone: 678-560-3999

Laurie Cavallaro, DDS

Dr. Cavallaro continually refers patients to The Institute of Myofunctional Studies. She refers her patients with oral motor disturbances because it impedes the progress of orthodontic treatment — therapy at TIMS brings marked improvement in patients’ chewing efficiency, swallowing, and tongue-at-rest posture. She finds one of the most impressive components to the Institutes’ approach is the use of objective measures to both assess oral motor problems and monitor progress with therapy. In a nutshell, objective measures coupled with a compassionate approach maximizes patient motivation.

“Sharon Wexler presented a program at an orthodontic study club meeting where she described the Institute of Myofunctional Studies’ unique approach to myofunctional therapy. My own son has demonstrated marked improvement in chewing efficiency and swallowing, as well as resting tongue posture since being treated at TIMS. Our experience with Ryan Wexler has been professional and pleasant. Ryan not only demonstrates a keen understanding between oral motor dysfunction and orthodontic malocclusion but also relates beautifully to the orthodontists’ target audience — teenagers.”

Alison Tucker, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT
Auditory-Verbal Center & Audiology Clinic

The Auditory-Verbal Center & Audiology Clinic has been collaborating with TIMS over the past 10 years to develop children’s speaking abilities. Some referred patients have had issues with hearing loss, apraxia, or other speech disturbances. Alison has found myofunctional therapy to be complimentary to the work she does with her patients. For kids with issues in addition to hearing loss, such as oral-motor facial imbalance or apraxia, additional therapy is extremely helpful in developing intelligible speech. Some have gone from essentially non-verbal to speaking individuals.

“Our families tell us their children overcome challenges through the intentional nature and intensive intervention and homework exercises TIMS provides. These families are willing to conduct the home follow up to get full benefit from the myofunctional therapy program. We feel TIMS is able get so much accomplished in myofunctional therapy sessions that they would not have been able to do as completely or quickly to resolve their issues.”

Please visit the Auditory-Verbal Center & Audiology Clinic’s website for more information about their practice.

Shelley Margow, OTR/L
Children’s Therapy Works

As Clinical Director of Children’s Therapy Works, Shelley Margow has referred hundreds of patients to the Institute for Myofunctional Studies during the last 13 years.

“Myofunctional Therapy is a core technique that provides a strong foundation for all of our patients. This intervention is a core piece to solving the puzzle. When the mouth is organized, the rest of the body becomes organized-and then we see wonderful changes!”

Please visit www.childrenstherapyworks.com for more information about their practice.

Linda Nathanson-Lippitt, MD, FAAP
Children’s Habilitation Center for Developmental / Behavioral Pediatrics

Dr. Nathanson-Lippitt has referred patients to The Institute of Myofunctional Studies for years. She finds that the treatment her patients receive results in a marked improvement in chewing, swallowing and articulation. The issues her referred patients were facing were more quickly and completely resolved because of the treatment they received at TIMS.

“Sharon Wexler has been a pivotal player in the lives of many of my patients. The anxiety, frustration, and lack of communicative ability has been successfully addressed. Parents are key players and results are very positive.”

Please visit the Children’s Habilitation Center for Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics website for more information about their practice.

Amy Dayries, DMD, FAIHM

Sharon Wexler, founder of the Institute of Myo-functional Studies in Roswell, Georgia, have collaborated with me regarding multiple dental patient cases.  And here is why: These patients have most often had significant tongue thrusts but also have had medical histories that include post-stroke care and birth trauma.  Sharon has helped to correct many para-functional tongue and mouth habits of my patients that have previously limited the fullness of their growth expression and development.  Her work has become a cornerstone of treatment success for my patients.

You see, compliance or wonderful dental work does not matter when an unresolved habit such as a reverse swallow or tongue thrust has not been addressed. A patient swallows thousands of times daily.  If that swallow is habitually working against the integrity of dental work and the appliance, failure of a dental appliance and/ or breakdown of health will occur. This is because equilibrium within the body has never been established or has been disrupted by a physical trauma. Thus, addressing a habit through myo-functional therapy is a key predictor of the ultimate success of my dental work.

Myo-functional therapy with Sharon Wexler at the Institute for Myo-functional Studies offer a program that sets the patient up for reaching a state of inner harmonious balance in the body. Her program differs from other myo-functional therapists because they have tools to literally measure muscle power and track the client’s improvement through their exercise program.  When a team approach is taken with dental work and myo-functional therapy, the patient is given their best potential for long-term dental treatment and health success.

Please give me a call if you have any questions about the work that Sharon Wexler do at (770) 753-0067.